Electric Rates to Rise

At last night’s Village Board meeting, village officials told Holley electric customers to brace  themselves for “sticker shock” as big increases will be seen in upcoming electric  bills starting in March. Apparently, Holley’s municipal electric department.buys its power from three sources (New York Municipal Power  Agency, National Grid, and the New York Power Authority). All three are passing along huge increases onto what the village has been paying. As a result, the village will  have to charge more to its customers. For more information, check out the full article on Orleans Hub.

Spring is just around the corner

It looks Punxsutawney Phil emerged just long enough after dawn yesterday morning to make his 125th annual weather forecast. Thankfully it was to provide some welcomed news…spring is just around the corner. Good news because come spring, many of us emerge from our winter dwellings and venture out into the community for the first time in many months. Good news because with spring comes rebirth and new opportunities to take in the best of what Holley has to offer.

So what does Holley have to offer? For a small town, plenty if you take the time to look. Starting in the canal park, visit the “Treasures of Holley” mural and be sure to pick up a “Treasure of Holley” map for a self-guided tour of the area. Next, following the canal path, discover or rediscover Holley Falls. Walking up Frisbee Terrace and into the Public Square, stop for breakfast at Sam’s, buy a sweet treat at Jonathan’s Bakery, or do as I did and get your car repaired at Kurtz Car Care. By shopping locally, you’ll not only support local businesses, but you’ll discover some unforeseen benefits.

Better yet… get involved. There’s plenty of ways to make a real difference. Where to begin? Open your front door and take a look around your neighborhood. Think about what you would like to see in our community. Then plan to attend an upcoming Village Planning Board (every first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at the Village Offices) or a Village Board meeting (every second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm – also at the Village Offices) to share your thoughts and ideas.

Finally, stay informed. Review the “Visions of Holley” newsletter; in between issues visit this blog to keep up on the latest news in and around Holley; and share this newsletter and blog with all your friends, family, business associates, and service organizations. After all “Visions of Holley” only prints good news. Together, we can make our “Visions of Holley” a reality!