Infrared Camera Program

The Holley Electric Department has purchased an Infrared camera, which will be used to inspect village lines and substations for hot spots in need of repair. In addition, they are initiating a local Infrared Project, whereby they can come to your home; take snap shots of the exterior; then use these photos as a basis of a report determining whether your home is experiencing any heat loss. While this report is provided by the Holley Electric Department for informational purposes only, the report can serve as a basis of further investigation in the event heat loss is reported. By correcting problem areas of your home, you can minimize further heat loss, conserve energy, and ultimately save money / reduce the cost of your utility bills.

 If you are interested in participating in this project, a sign up sheet is located at the Village Office. The service is being provided free of charge and there is no scheduled date for the service. Rather, Holley Electric will be out taking photos on cold, cloud-covered days. Once photos are taken, they will put together and mail a report, which will include the pictures, a disclaimer form, and an information sheet.

Want to know more or have questions? Contact the Holley lectric Department at (585) 638-6587 or e-mail them at